About David Knowlton

The unique artistic style of David Knowlton is widely known and recognized by thousands of collectors of his acrylic originals and limited edition lithographic prints. Their growing enthusiasm is the result of David's combining painstaking attention to detail with the purveyance of a tranquil feeling in each of his subjects. The landscapes, waterscapes and lighthouses he depicts on canvas or hardboard are the result of things he's seen in his travels throughout the United States and Canada.

His artistry comes from within and--while he paints specific locations at times--David always adds his own perception of the subject and how it feels, and he creates the depth and feeling and mood, maintaining soft and serene colors . . . realistic, but never photographic nor graphic. With over fifty years of experience, David has truly added a new dimension to the field of realistic art.

David's love of art showed itself at an early age. His parents and many of their friends were professional artists, and they helped nurture his interest when he began showing artistic promise. He eagerly experimented with all the drawing and painting media available and soon was winning contests with his realistic creations.

An appointment to the U.S. Military Academy interrupted his study of art, but David found ways to vent his creative talents while editing the West Point yearbook. He became an Army Engineer and was further educated at Stanford University. The engineering drawing he did as a student and designer began to show forth in his art, especially when he made the transition to acrylics in the early 1970s.

David left the Army in 1973 and began a two-year transition to a full-time art career. His popularity increased to the point that he began developing lithographic reproductions of his best works in 1976. He now also does canvas transfer prints. He displays his artful renditions in group and one-man shows nationwide and in galleries throughout the world.

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